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We are the ones we have been waiting for

1. DECRYPTING COMPLEXITY: we unearth and focus on the link between things and phenomena which modernity has found convenient to describe as distinct but which in fact are intricately intertwined. What happens far away, on the streets of Wuhan or Kinshasa, is our common predicament.

2- DECOLONIZING MODERNITY: we reject the self-serving dominant narrative of modernity according to which “things have willy-nilly been getting better for humanity as a whole since the Enlightenment.” 

3- LETTING GO OF OTHERING: we bring together people from all around the world who don’t talk to each other to find common ground and stop othering each other and non human nature.

We are Collective Awareness Activists.

What we do

We organize Black Elephant Parades: small conversations of 10 to 20 people during which we address the elephant in the room, the thing we don't agree on. We change the world by going out of our way to engage with those we disagree with and whose values we don't always understand.

Why we do it

The problem is not that we are having the wrong conversations, but rather we do not have the right people at the table. It is time that the global conversation includes all stakeholders. Not just the rich, the powerful and the famous but local, transnational and indigenous communities, too.


To become a Black Elephant, all you need is to want to make the world a better place and to be willing to engage respectfully with those you disagree with.

What participants say about the Parades

“The Black Elephant Parades bring together a dazzling array of people from all sorts of backgrounds, fields of work, worldviews and countries. I felt jolted out of my bubble. It's a great way to hear from around the world at a time when we have so few chances to do so.”

Simon Kuper, Financial Times

"I have been contemplating my thoughts for far too long", this was my main thinking coming out of the Black Elephant parade.  (...) I am forever grateful for the opportunity to hear from people whose worldview I do not agree with and realizing that I could still love and respect them as human beings.

Abdramane Diabate, Consultant at Dalberg

“The Black Elephant Parades open a whole world of possibilities by bringing together amazing people who otherwise are very unlikely to cross each others paths. Amid all the uncertainty we are all living in, am certain such encounters will have a great impact on us as individuals and on what each of us is trying to achieve in his/her space or together....”

Alia Ibrahim, Co-Founder of Daraj.com

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