The Podcast

A pachydermic journey from addiction towards stumbling, better.

Black Elephant (noun):

1. Play of words on Nassim Taleb’s Black Swan concept.
2. What happens, not when an unpredictable or external event takes us by surprise but
rather when the elephant which is very much in the room – Covid and the
contradictions it brings to light – crashes the party and takes a dump on the dining
room table.

My name is Felix, and I am the author of The New Nomads and presenter of the Black Elephant Podcast, the podcast which treats modernity as an addiction.

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The Presenter

Felix Marquardt

Austrian-American born and raised in Paris, Felix Marquardt is the author of The New Nomads (pub. date: 8 July, 2021; Simon & Schuster) which took him four years—instead of the four months he naively thought—to write. He counts a dozen nationalities in his family, has lived in as many countries and held as many jobs. The leitmotif of his trajectory is a focus on ideas and bringing people around them.


In recovery from addiction, Felix became increasingly uncomfortable with and eventually estranged from what had hitherto been his natural milieu: schmoozing, global elites and the techno-utopian verbiage which has become their lingua franca.


In 2020, he started Black Elephant, the natural extension of The New Nomads: an attempt to hold a new kind of meaningful, generative conversations.