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Black Elephant Parades

Geosocial event

Our actions to walk our talk

The foundations of the 20th century’s architecture were laid in Versailles.
In 2021, through our event, we will both shut the door on the past and open a new chapter on the trajectory of humankind.

Last century’s defining summits were geopolitical events. Our founding summit in 2021 will be geosocial: It will give a voice to indigenous, local, and international communities worldwide.

Black Elephant Parades are small conversations organized on Zoom with radically diverse individuals from all walks of life to
discuss what this pandemic sets as the single greatest urgent issue we humans must tackle.

We encourage participants to seek the highest common denominator in order to embrace this moment in history as an opportunity to achieve positive change. 


In Black Elephant Parades we don’t shy away from addressing the elephant in the room, the issue that we are all thinking about but might avoid for fear of conflict. We often disagree, sometimes fiercely, but we go out of our way to hear each other and put ourselves in each other’s shoes. 

Discover the wheel of complexity


  • Pushing for a global plan to ration carbon 

  • Ensuring the transition towards renewable energy is fair

  • Coordinating the action of the world’s main central banks to privilege meaningfully green investments over all others